Multi-dimensional 5IG modeling

Multi-dimensional 5IG modeling


The core of the project 5IG is the information-filled model of the capital construction object as a whole or part of it within the Customer's terms of technical scope. In addition to visualization of the object, this allows us to provide the Customer with updated information on the parameters and characteristics of the Object systems’ elements, as well as the volumes of materials and work at each stage of the project in real time. 


5IG © - these are the five states that the capital construction throughout the development passes in the process of their life cycle. And at each of these stages there are a number of tasks that we are ready to solve together with the Customer.

Idea (Conceptual modeling)

• Design-project of the ideas
• Development of design and cost options

• Project (Project modeling)
• Visualization of the project outcomes presented as information filled model 
• Simplification of communication between the Customer and the designer
• Reduction of designing time by introducing modern technologies


• Full range of engineering services in accordance  with EPC / EPCM

• Technical consultancy services for project management
• Monitoring of time and resources, improvement of communication between the Customer and the Coctractor

Servicing support

• Planning of service works
• Routine maintenance implementation
• Customer Service optimization


Monitoring and Audit

• Developing options on objet modernization, renovation, reconstruction             

• Determination of the required scope of work
• Financial Analysis of Costs

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